Trouble Shooting then the electronic control unit is good and the System Check Mode, Membrane Pad Check, Display System Check Mode Table Code Description Trigger Action Taken Off J7(9) J7(16) problem lies in the sensor bar. Software version number and display diagnostic/help Signal(^) 13 Key J7(12) J7(16) ! WARNING Check sensor for continuity. If found, replace sensor code listings. Invalid state Check for: Signal(+) 15 Key bar or clean with alcohol. Some fabric softener for more – Loose or open wire To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury, or death, disconnect power to washer before servicing, unless sheets will coat the sensor bars. Accessing Diagnostic Codes with 13 Key Membrane 3 Door Circuit than 256 testing requires it. Noisy and/Or Vibration Press Air Fluff and Time (^) to enter Service Mode. milliseconds terminals in Door Thumping. Check for loose tumbler baffle, rear Key Pressed: Function Press the Wrinkle Release key to access the Failure If either Sense circuit. Ribbon tumbler roller(s) worn or misaligned, out-of-round Sensor Dry Performed Diagnostic Codes. Scroll through the Diagnostic Codes motor J7 Connector Harness tumbler or high weld seam on tumbler. Enter Service Mode: Enable sensor by pressing the Temperature (^) key. The first time the transistor is Check for: Ticking. Check for loose wire harness or object Press Air Fluff and Time (^) – 13 Key Membrane. Start/Pause dry circuit (sense key is pressed the newest code will be displayed. Each 4 Possible motor seen open or – Loose caught in blower wheel area. or dry LED) when additional key press shows the next code. Once all the shorted connections in Scraping. Check for front or rear bulkhead felt seal Damp Dry and Time (-) – 15 Key Membrane. Temperature (^) – 13 Key short circuit is codes have been displayed a “d” is displayed and the transistor error during motor circuit. out of position or worn tumbler front bearings. keys for 3 seconds, or until a beep is heard. The or detected across process repeats. If there are no Diagnostic Codes startup – Run System Troubleshooting Guide Roaring – Check for blower wheel rubbing on blower machine will now be in Service Mode and “d” will be Dry Temp (^) – 15 Key the sensor bars available, “00” will be displayed for the Diagnostic Code. Check Mode housing or bad motor bearings. displayed. the normal dry and check the Maytag Neptune Dryer MDE6800AY Popping or squealing sound. Check for a sticky or Sensor Dry Level (^) – 13 LED will turn on. motor relay frayed belt. Key Cycles the motor function. Due to possibility of personal injury or property damage, always contact an authorized technician for servicing or or relay on/off. – If relay Control Configuration Very Dry (<) - 15 Key When the motor functions, repair of this unit. This Trouble Shooting guide illustrates how the software Exit Service Mode is running the disregard the works with the 13 and 15 key membrane switches. The Press the OFF key to exit Service Mode. start/pause LED diagnostic Will Not Run Poor makeup air available for the dryer. section on Accessing Diagnostic Codes includes is on. code. instruction for use with older control boards. If motor is If relay does not Will not start or run: Incorrect tumbler speed. Tumbler belt slipping. running, cycles Accessing Diagnostic Codes with 15 Key Membrane function, replace 13 Key Membrane the heater/gas Press Damp Dry and Time (-) to enter Service Mode. machine control All wires are hooked up to their corresponding Blower impeller bound; check for foreign material in Diagnostic Tests valve on/off. Press the Wrinkle Release key to access the board. terminals. blower area. 15 Key Membrane When the heater Diagnostic Codes. Scroll through the Diagnostic Codes The following table lists the various tests available while is regular temp by pressing the Temperature (^) and Temperature (v) Dryer is plugged in. Customer overloading dryer. LED is on. keys. The Temperature (v) key will sequence down the Blown fuse or circuit breaker. Check clothing labels for fabric content and cycle in the Service Mode, which can be accessed by View current list one each time it is pushed with no wrap. The first Door switch functional...door closed. cycle temperature time the key is pressed the newest code will be Push-to-start switch functional. selected. pressing the following keys: in Celsius. displayed. Each additional key press shows the next Timer functional...set in a cycle. Clothes too wet due to insufficient spin out by code. The final code being displayed is the oldest code. Drive motor functional. Key Press Special The Temperature (^) key will sequence up the list one washer. code each time it is pushed until it reaches the newest Will Not Shut-Off Test/Function code. 5 Not Used Pin No. 1 Wrinkle release Display list of 6 Non Volatile Problem Disregard Detected diagnostic codes. Memory with integrity Run membrane pad of check and replace Blown thermal fuse. On time dry settings check the following: Then press parameters console w/membrane Motor runs/ tumbler will not turn: Timer motor receiving proper voltage. stored in pad if necessary. Belt off or broken/damaged. Check timer motor connections. Temperature (^) - 13 Key To sequence thru EEPROM Idler tension spring too weak or stretched. Timer functional. or the diagnostic memory. Dry Temp (^) - 15 Key and help codes. A key is Idler pulley jammed or stuck. Note: The Intelli-Dry dryer incorporates a new sensed to be Runs a few minutes and then stops: "simplified" electronic control system using a PTC Dry Temp (v) - 15 Key 8 Stuck Key pressed Lint buildup around drive motor. (Positive Temperature Control) thermistor. A PTC is more than Low voltage present. a thermistor that will change resistance at Time (v) - 13 Key Display revision There will be no multiple occurrences of either a 75 seconds, Blower impeller blocked in blower predictable temperatures and induce variable diagnostic code or help code generated in the same the key shall current flows. or number cycle reported on the list. But if the same code occurs in be assumed housing. repeated cycles, it will be registered. to be stuck. Drive motor - start switch contacts stuck closed. Check the following: Time (-) - 15 Key Blows fuses or trips circuit breaker: Wet Load: Wet clothes making contact across sensor The amperage readings are at 240 volts. One line Sensor Dry Level (^) - 13 View current Membrane Pad Check bars allows current path to ground. This allows The membrane check turns all the embedded LED's on. will be 24 amps and other line will be 21 amps. The current to pass across the PTC thermistor on the Key cycle temperature All the LED's can then be toggled off by pressing the Clearing Diagnostic Codes neutral line will be at 3 amps. If the above electronic control unit. Current passage through the key associated with the LED. amperages are present, then the house wiring, fuse thermistor heats up the thermistor and raises the or in Celsius box or circuit breaker should be suspected. resistance of the thermistor, in turn creates a While in System Check Mode, pressing the Shorted heating element to housing. voltage drop through the thermistor. This then Very Dry (<) - 15 Key To clear the diagnostic code list press Membrane Pad Continuity Checks Incorrect wiring or a wire shorting to ground. leaves less than the required voltage available for Air Fluff and Sensor Dry - 13 Key Drive motor winding shorting to ground. the timer motor. The timer motor stops and cannot Start/Pause Start or pause or Will Not Dry run. Damp Dry (>) and Sensor Dry – 15 Key Will not heat (motor runs): Dry Load: Since dry clothes do not conduct cycle running but Air Fluff and Wrinkle Release – 13 Key Note: Unplug connector and touch probe of meter to the Open heating element. electricity, current path to ground is inhibited and keys for 2 seconds, will start a Membrane Pad Switch or appropriate pin numbers. Meter will show infinity on Hi-Limit trips easily or is open. voltage across the thermistor is dropped. In turn, remain in Test. To exit the test at any point, press the same keys Very Dry (<) and Wrinkle Release - 15 Key open keys and continuity on closed keys. Regulating thermostat trips easily or is open. the thermistor cools and the resistance drops, again for 2 seconds or press the OFF key to exit Temperature selector switch miswired or contacts reducing the amount of voltage drop across the diagnostic mode. Service Mode. open. thermistor, resulting in more voltage drop across the Timer not functional. timer motor. Timer will now run. System Check Mode Diagnostic Codes for 3 seconds while in diagnostic mode. Membrane Pin Number Pin Number Cycle selector switch miswired or contacts open. Troubleshooting the electronic While in Service Mode, pressing the The Diagnostic Codes are identified when the severity Drive motor centrifugal start switch not allowing control circuit: Advertising Mode Air Fluff and Signal (+) - 13 Key Membrane level of the abnormality detected is higher and service Diagnostic Codes Pad J7(12) J7(13) voltage to gas valve or heating element. Check for miswiring of the electrical connector at the This test will continuously rotate displaying LEDs on the or may be required. Sensor dry J7(11) J7(13) Improper drying/clothes wrinkled/ rough electronic control board. keyboard. No machine functions will be operable except Damp Dry (<) and Signal (+) - 15 Key Membrane Code Description Trigger Action Taken Time dry J7(10) J7(13) texture/long dry time: Does not shut off, then the problem is in the the displays. keys for 3 seconds, will put the dryer into the System When a problem with the dryer is detected a Diagnostic Time(^) 13 Key Lint filter is not clean. electronic control unit. Disconnect the sensor wire from Check mode and "SC" will display. The following table Code is assigned, and can be displayed. The Control 1 Dryer Thermistor The Check for: Time(+) 15 Key Restriction in exhaust. the sensor bar. If the dryer runs for about 20 minutes, To Enter Advertising Mode lists the various functions based on the keys being Board will not log multiple same codes per cycle; thermistor - Clogged lint Time(v) 13 Key Outside exhaust hood damper door stuck closed. then shuts down or the timer advances, Press Air Fluff and Sensor Dry - 13 Key Membrane pressed. however, it will log as many Diagnostics as possible for Short Sensed resistance is screen. Time(-) 15 Key J7(9) J7(13) Exhaust too long, too many elbows, flex ductwork or the machine to continue running. very low, - Restricted Temperature (^) 13 Key Damp Dry (>) and Sensor Dry – 15 Key Membrane 2 Thermistor Open with a vent system. Dry Temp(^) 15 Key J7(11) J7(14) temperature Dry Temp (v) 15 Key > 175 Failed thermistor. Sensor Dry Level 13 J7(10) J7(14) degrees. Key J7(12) J7(14) The Check for: Very Dry (<) 15 Key Sensed thermistor - Low ambient Damp Dry (>) 15 Key resistance is temperature in Wrinkle Release Service Mode very high room (Below Wrinkle Prevent J7(19) J7(14) This mode provides Service Personnel the ability to 50oF/10oC). Air Fluff J7(11) J7(15) verify the operation of the dryer. – Outside vent Start/Pause J7(9) J7(15) damper is stuck Signal(v) 13 Key J7(10) J7(15) The Service Mode can be implemented in the middle of open in Signal(-) 15 Key J7(11) J7(16) any dry cycle. While in the Service Mode, the wintertime. J7(12) J7(15) Technician can start special diagnostic tests such as a installed. Loose or open wire 3 terminals

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Troubleshooting Guide Description Connecto Connecto Voltage Comments Mayatag Neptune LED Dryer r r Heater Relay Internal Pin Num Pin Num 120VA Door must be 63901290 Output P1 BB1(1) C closed. LI Board (input) 120VA Door must be closed BB1(1) BB2(3) C 120VA Door must be open Motor BB1(2) BB2(3) C NTC (input) BB2(2) 120VA 70 F = 10K ohms BB1(1) C 150 F = 1754 ohms Neutral (input) 120VA BB1(1) C Door Sense BB2(3) 5VDC J4(2) Thermistor J4(1) 24VDC J4(4) Sensor Bar J4(3)