Technical For Immediate A en on of Your Service Department Service Pointer Technical Service Pointer #: W11513902 Dish Products Ac on Required: Mandatory Release Date: December, 2020 Remove and Replace W10727550B Dated 04/2015

Brands A ected Maytag Dishwasher

Maytag Tall Tub Under-Counter Dishwashers Dead or Intermi ent Opera on of User Interface (UI) (Updated)


MDB4709AW* MDB6709AW* MDB7609AW* MDB7709AW* MDB7749AW* MDB7809AW* MDBH949AW* MDBH979AW* MDBH989AW* MDBTT53AW* * Denotes color and engineering versions

Serial Numbers:

Serial Numbers beginning with FY, F0, F1, and F2

Possible Concern:

In certain circumstances, consumers may experience a Dead or intermi ent opera on of the UI Console Keypad. Under certain condi ons, consumers may report the start/cancel bu on will operate intermi ently or fail to operate.

This no ca on is a Service No ce Poten al Cause: only. This is not a Recall. This concern can result from mul ple possible causes, including loose wiring, ALL POINTERS ONLINE: improperly placed bu on domes, and ordinary wear and tear. A small number of h ps://www.servicema consumers have reported intermi ent or failed bu on opera on due to corrosion or silver migra on on the ribbon tail of the exible membrane switches found in To receive pointers by email, or to edit the Classic-style Console Assemblies. Be sure to check and rule out these possible or delete a current email address, go to causes before proceeding to the correc on described below. h ps://


If you have checked and ruled out the other possible causes listed above, then follow these steps to correct the issue: Conduct a visual inspec on on the traces of the ribbon tail in the loca on where the ribbon tail passes from the front of the Console Assembly to the inside of the door. If corrosion or silver migra on are the con rmed cause replace the UI Console Assembly.

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