Bulletin Date July 5, 2000 No R-360-B Page 1 of 1

Type Parts Manual Update Policy Letter Service Information

Attention Service Managers Service and Parts Managers

Models MVH130, MVH230 and MVH330

Issue Correction to Parts Manual RP2100004 Revision 0.

Action Make these corrections in your paper manual as listed. No further notices or revisions will be provided. Microfiche and CD-ROM information will be updated.

Model/Mfg Page Image Ref Corrections No. No. No. No.

MVH130 and

MVH230 5 — — Added R0713693 LV Transformer (Non Sensor)(M1, M2, M3, M4, M5)


MVH330 5 — — Added R0713694 LV Transformer (Sensor)(M6, M7, M8)

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