When searching Frigidaire, Whirlpool, or GE many times you need the documents part number.  Example: Frigidaire (we have the entire library) does not put model numbers on any document, only part numbers.  All Frigidaire Parts Manuals on this site will list the document part numbers. See below for an example. When you place a request (except for Frigidaire)  I go to reliableparts.com or sears parts direct punch in the model number then search “manual” “sheet” or “tech” to find the document Number.  Then I enter that into the site search or the database on my desktop. Also some brands like Sub Zero has single service manuals for many model numbers. So you need to use the deep search. Example “Bosch SHU 9925 /u12”

Samsung and GE sometimes only have the first 5, 6, or 8 model numbers on their documents. So if you don’t find it searching with the full model numbers try searching with the first few numbers. If you need help finding something please submit a request.

Frigidaire Search

Enter your model number in the deep search then find the parts manual. Take the document numbers on the front page of the parts manual and search that number on ApplianceTechManuals.com.  sometimes you need to add a .pdf . ( Example 240389639.pdf )  Most of the time the wiring diagram is the last page of the parts manual.



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