TECHNICAL For Immediate Attention of Your Service Department SERVICE POINTER Technical Service Pointer #: W10642927 Commercial Laundry Action Required: Mandatory Brands Affected Release Date: September, 2013


F28 Failure Code


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F28 failure code relates to a Motor Control Unit (MCU) Failure, therefore, technicians are replacing the MCU without correcting the washer problem.


F28 failure will appear because of a failing drain pump or over suds condition. The actual failure is an F21, but masks with the over-riding F28 failure that occurs when the door unlocks and the communication with the MCU discontinued.

ALL POINTERS ONLINE: Correction: https://www.servicematters.com/ During the investigation phase of the service-call: To receive pointers by email, or to edit 1. Make sure to check that the pump is not visibly dark with residue in the or delete a current email address, go to https://www.servicebench.com/ motor area. Also make sure the pump does not have a tilted drain impeller, does not have foreign material in the drain filter tray or anything that may have passed by the filter tray impeding the rotation of the drain impeller. Finally, check the drain hose for proper insertion into the drain standpipe of no more than 6 inches. If any of these conditions are not correctable by cleaning or adjusting, replace the pump.

2. If everything with the pump checks out, look for indications of an over suds condition inside the washer, and for an over suds code (0F) in the User Interface Control (UIC) Help Mode History.

3. If the pump conditions are OK, and the washer shows no signs or history of over suds conditions, then replacing the Motor Control Unit (MCU) is appropriate.

4. Make sure after completing service, to run a test cycle with clothing and detergent to ensure proper operation of the washer.

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