POINTER DP8178821 August 2010

This Delivery & Installation Pointer Applies To The Following Brands:

Whirlpool® KitchenAid® Jenn-Air® Maytag®

Amana® Roper® Admiral® MEsatgaitce®Chef®

Freestanding, Standard Clean, Gas Ranges

Setting flame size after LP conversion


After converting Ranges from Natural Gas to LP, the low flame for each burner will need to be adjusted.


Gas conversions must be done by a qualified installer. Follow the “Gas Conversions” section in the installation instructions.

Complete Conversion Step 2: Locate the pointer of knob in low flame position. Refer to the “Check Operation” section for proper burner ignition operation and burner flame adjustments. IMPORTANT: You may have to adjust the “LO” setting for each cook top burner. Checking for proper cooktop and oven burner flames is very important. The small inner cone should have a very distinct blue flame ¼” to ½” (0.64 cm to 0.13 cm) long. The outer cone is not as distinct as the inner cone. LP gas flames have a slightly yellow tip.

The surface valve must be adjusted when they are in low flame position due to the differences in gas around the country, which may cause flame to be too low. The details on how to make this adjustment on the surface

valves are as follows:

Step 3: Verify size of flame.

Step 1: Ignite surface burner.

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Step 4: Step 5: Remove control knob. Use a flathead screwdriver to adjust flame. Turn middle of shaft left for high and right for low. Turn to the lowest flame possible without allowing the flame to extiguish.